Yoga For Every Athlete
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Yoga For Every Athlete

  • Secrets of an Olympic Coach
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Yoga is the oldest known science of self-development. It is mental, physical and spiritual control. Yoga for Every Athlete is the result of more than 20 years of experimentation and experience in the application of yoga in sports. Here you will find guidelines on using yoga for mental and physical preparation and strength regeneration from Olympic coach and sports psychologist Dr. Aladar Kogler. Using examples of his top athletes, Dr. Kogler illustrates how yoga conditions the body for optimal sports training and how you can tailor a program that meets your personal goals and needs. Yoga for Every Athlete contains 27 exercise batteries for virtually any sport in which you participate: be it bicycling, golf, running, fencing—your performance level and enjoyment will radically improve with only 10 minutes of Yoga practice a day. No matter what condition your body is in, Dr. Kogler's methods will increase your strength, agility, outlook, body shape and overall mental, emotional and physical health. Yoga For Every Athlete is based on the fact that bodily processes, such as heart rate and blood flow, can be influenced by your will. This means that your peak physical performance actually lies in your own mental preparation. Learning and practicing Yoga feels good because it positively affects both mind and body. When you practice Yoga you simultaneously complete several training tasks at one time, resulting in the most efficient use of training time and energy.