Five Chapter Model for Research Thesis Writing

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Five Chapter Model for Research Thesis Writing

  • 108 Practical Lessons for MS/MBA/M.Tech/M.Phil/LLM/Ph.D Students
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Dr. Raghu Korrapati's newest book is a seminal work that is bound to be soon accepted as a significant and powerful contribution to the literature on higher education. This is his landmark effort to encapsulate in one place all that a research scholar might need during his/her research, be it on any subject or discipline. The result is a complex and nuanced picture of the nature, processes, and contexts of research scholarship in varied departmental, disciplinary and institutional cultures.

Undoubtedly, this pivotal and pioneering book will prove to be valuable to both faculty and graduate students who study higher education. Further, institutional leaders, deans, and chairpersons of tenure, and promotion committees who seek to develop vaster comprehension of scholarship will also greatly benefit from this.

The book is divided into 5 chapters – Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, and Summary, Conclusions, & Further Review – to provide insights and suggestions on every aspect of research based work and to assist you stay focused on doing the right things. I hope you will find your “new research guide” helpful in guiding you through this learning and exciting phase of your life. My expectation is that you will continue to learn and share the knowledge for the next generations of scholars and researchers.