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The absence of earthly logic in the popular versions of Rama-Katha and especially the absence of human rationality in the plot construction of Ramcharitamanas provoked me to a great extent. All the background events which caused the birth of Rama, were of little interest to me, as they were not the experience of our daily life and hence offered little possibility of any rational explanations. My aim, in any case was not to provide any reasoning as to why the ‘avatar’ took place, but to oppose injustice. The opposition to injustice, in the Rama- Katha begins in the Sidhashrama of Vishwamitra. However this entire episode related to Vishwamitra is quite mushy in the popular versions of Rama-Katha. What were the rakshasas doing near Sidhashrama? What shapes did their atrocities take away kill him? Was Vishwarhitra capable of handling rakshasas on his own? If yes, why did he not do so? Why did he choose Rama and none but him to slay the rakshasas? Against what backdrop of events did Rama agree to help Vishwamitra? What was the nature of the qualifications that Rama possessed to carry out the entrusted task?

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