Lord Krishna and his Leadership

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Lord Krishna and his Leadership

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"Lord Krishna and His Leadership" is based on the collection of life stories of Lord Krishna and discourse given to Arjun in the form of Bhagwadgita. This is written in simple form with the idea of bringing out some of the 'leadership and managerial qualities' of Lord Krishna relevant for all the time. By following the learning of Bhagwadgita, one con contribute in achieving peace in the society, notion ond the world. Though the book includes some of the learning from Bhagwadgita, it does not include complete and accurate translation of Bhagwadgita. Lord Krishna lived on earth for 125 years and set the examples of love, obedience, service, bravery, friendship, duty, karmyog, knowledge seeker, leadership, and also of a king. Some of the incidences ore included in the book. Though the book does not cover oil the facets of Lord Krishna's life, it is hoped that it will provide some useful and interesting information to the readers on Lord Krishna's life and leadership skills. Dr. Krishna Murari Soni is o civil engineer and takes interest in writing on various issues including technical to make a difference in a small way. He has done Post graduation from MANIT Bhopal, PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and MBA from IGNOU, Delhi. Dr Soni hos also authored Lord Krishna and His Leadership, 88 Pearls (A Collection of Short Stories), Halki Fulki Laghu Kathayen, and Aas Paas ki Laghu Kahaniyaan.

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