Religious Basis of Hindu Beliefs

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Religious Basis of Hindu Beliefs

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Sanatan Hindu Dharma (Perennial Hindu Religion) is like a huge banyan tree. Different kinds of faiths and beliefs have merged into it from time immemorial. As a consequence, the branches and sub-branches of Hindu religion also grew. Is there any scientific basis of the faith and values propagated in Hinduism? A very large section of people with faith in Hindu Sanatan Dharma wants that every faith and belief of this religion should not be subjected to scientific test. A man of faith is theist, while a scientific mind is atheist in nature. A harmony between the two may indicate a state of dilemma. Therefore, more discussion should take place on religious basis of beliefs prevalent in society so that we can know better the origin and religious thinking behind our beliefs. Internationally acclaimed Vaastu-shastri and Jyotishacharya, Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi, is a rare signature of invincilbe time. More than 258 books on Astrology, Vaastu-shastra, Cheiromancy, Numerology, Figure Science, Yantra-Tantra-Mantra Science, Karmakand and priesthood written by Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi, the founder of the International Vaastu Association, are read in many languages in India and abroad.

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