The Unsung Stories

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The Unsung Stories

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Every life is a story. You just don't get to choose your genre. In this short collection of stories, one will find ample of opportunities to find themselves and their genre. In this book you will find:

The Dictionary: A hundred year old dictionary rumoured to have a cursed word? Mayank will set out to uncover its real secret.

The Letter: A boy sets out to deliver a letter for someone across the border.

Item 12: A human trafficker falls into a formidable love.

The Decision Theory: A dystopia future of Earth when the world will have to take harsh decisions.

The Unsung Story: A reporter recounts his deepest and darkest secret in front of whole society.

And many more…..

Dive into the world of mystery, comedy, horror and romance.

In this collection of short stories, everyone will find everything; every story has its own message to the human society; a classical blend of different genres woven into one book.