Wealthy Inside Wealthy Outside

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Wealthy Inside Wealthy Outside

  • An holistic approach to become Real Rich
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  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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Everyone wants wealth, yet the mere thought of struggle associated with it, keeps people away. Despite being born wealthy, most people remain poor due to a lack of understanding and clarity on wealth. This book is an attempt to make people conscious of their wealth. so that they can create and live the life they always desire. The book is about finding a new freedom, truth and joy in our relationship with wealth in all areas of life, irrespective of the circumstances. It is about awakening and using the unexamined portal of our relationship with different aspects of our life be it — self (mind, body and soul), people or financial. The book first discusses these three very different aspects of wealth in detail and then gives five guiding principles and practices for wealth building that will help people to build their wealth and live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. This book aims to serve all the readers such that they are living in alignment to their heart and the universe, having realized that they all are one and connected, enjoying wealth of nature.

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