Acharya Sudarshan:A Man of Inspiration...

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Acharya Sudarshan:A Man of Inspiration...

  • Fri Jul 14, 2017
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Acharya Shri is a renowned educationist and saint. He started his life as a teacher and wanted to pursue it throughout his life. That ’s why he has written more than 40 books on education and child psychology and there have been more than 70 books published on life philosophy and spiritual science, we regard him as an educationist, philosopher and spiritual Saint.

This is the reason for which he talks about education and psychology; and on the other hand, he illustrates the strong marital relation between consort, how to achieve love and affection and how to achieve good luck. Besides, he also writes books dealing with the teaching difficulties of children. He knows well that our life is full of difficulties and variations. So he keeps on thinking how to free ourself from the troubles of life, laughing is the best medicine, make your life a festival and how to avoid hypertension and frustration.