• Wed Apr 27, 2022
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Twenty-five Chapters on Couplets have been arranged/grouped with different dimensions appropriate to the topics. Couplets are pair of two liners airing the values of life in rhymes, mostly of the same stretch and bounce. Number one is the first of the liner. Number two is the second of the liner that normally seconds the first, as well it resounds the second that ticks the clock to work to minuets, hours days, weeks, months, years and centuries to go on and move with time. The hands, legs, lips up and down that’re unique for human kingdom, nasals of the nose, the blossoms of lovely mothers on the breast, the gender are number wise two (vide the preface for further details). On the top, couplets have cut out role – in precise but accurate way to achieve the desired results. Thiruvalluvar, a great Tamil poet is the greatest of all poets in mastering couplets. I dedicate this small work to his ‘Foot Prints’ in honour of his memory.