In the Realm of Possibility?
In the Realm of Possibility?

In the Realm of Possibility?

  • Mon Jan 03, 2022
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  • Language - English
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As India celebrates its 75th independence, this book brings together a selection of path-breaking insights on nation building that encourage India to take several bold steps to enable the nation to shift toward a fast-track economic growth that is inclusive and globally competitive. The collection, though written more than 30 years ago for Business India between 1986 and 1990, is still fresh and relevant that could enable India to define programs that will help the country to become a relevant member of the league of developed nations. Building on the author’s global experience of addressing strategic issues across a wide range of industries, he essentially encourages Indian business and government leaders to instill strategic thinking in their decision-making processes with singular focus on “human factor” to uncover India’s true potential from the “base of the pyramid” up.The book strongly advocates harnessing and fine-tuning India’s ancient wisdom, its biodiversity, its multiplicity of cultures and talents such as performing arts and traditional handicrafts skills, in becoming a competitive and revered global player. If such assets, however soft they may be, are strategically nurtured with uncompromising commitment to excellence, the process could contribute toward large-scale employment, bottom-up wealth creation, and most importantly switch from negative to positive trade balance — which are all urgently required.