Eternal Love
Eternal Love

Eternal Love

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Few lines from my book-
"Do actor and actress enjoy oral sex scene"?
"They are paid tons of money to perform oral sex... Unlike in India in the west
there are pornographic stars. They make more money than a character actor. In
Italy and Argentina those one time pornography stars are now M.P. they are more
famous than their stars."
"Is oral sex safe"?
"Between lovers and faithful couples it is perfectly safe. it basically a common
interest that two people enjoy oral sex. Forcing oral sex will only degrade the
other person. his or her feeling can be hurt..

I've authored short stories and novels. I
can create realistic fiction in a variety of genres.
Family drama, erotic, lesbian, horror, sci-fi,
action, medical thriller, and political thriller.
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A D 2005 . Billionaire's only son Ajay dies in a freak Car accident but his
girlfriend Maya survives. Twenty-five years later Ajay would be brought back to
life using futuristic technology in A.D.2030. Fate brings them together. His
ex-girlfriend Maya is a happily married woman with a grown-up son. Will they
become lovers again? What happened to their only love child??
Have you ever read wholesome entertainers? My fiction is full of life. It
has family value, love, romances, sex, songs, fight scenes, spectacular plane crash
landing and rescue mission, Robo surgeon, his assistant S-2-P and her antics.
Reading my fiction is like watching a movie. Today it is my vision; in the near
future my fiction will become a reality. Trust ME!