2000 English Phrases & Sentences

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2000 English Phrases & Sentences

2000 English Phrases & Sentences

  • Fri Apr 26, 2013
  • Price : 64.00
  • Pustak Mahal
  • Language - English
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This book is designed to enhance written and spoken English of readers. Besides, the book will be of immense help to almost everyone engaged in the pursuit of knowledge - school children, college students, parents, teachers and professionals. The 2,000 phrases and sentences in this book highlight the rich tapestry of expressions in the English language. Many words and phrases have intriguing meanings that may not be apparent or register at first glance. Some words have contrasting meanings in different situations. Yet others are just the opposite of what the word or sentence seems to suggest! The book is categorized into 12 segments that classify sentences into various types. This facilitates the reader's search for the correct sentence in specific scenarios and the book can be used as a reference guide to find the right sentence, much like a dictionary is used for words.