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  • Wed May 01, 2013
  • Price : 120.00
  • Pustak Mahal
  • Language - English
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"DECEIVERS" is a compilation of two thrillers set in the backdrop of the social sector. In the book "A Matter of Survival" the successful test firing of India's indigenously developed nuclear deterrent missile Agni ll collides with a conservation campaign to save an endangered species of sea turtle. The social activist Gopal Sharma discovers that he has ignited a fight to the death between two industrial giants which puts at stake nothing less than India's economic sovereignity and military defence capability. Gopal Sharma must fight off an assassination attempt to try and save his country from the very diabolical plans of several inimical foreign powers. In the book "Last Deception" a social sector activist Joy Saxena is pursued across Europe and Asia by a group of industrialists who want him to take charge of their initiative to tackle hunger and poverty in the naxalite infested jungles of central India. Also treading his heels are mysterious attempts on his life. It is in the jungles of central India that Joy Saxena discovers the missing pieces of a frightening puzzle. He is sucked into the middle of a terrifying conspiracy against his country that he must race against time to defeat.