Group Disussion

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Group Disussion

Group Disussion

  • Fri Apr 26, 2013
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  • Pustak Mahal
  • Language - English
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Does the aggressive speaker lead the way in a group discussion? Or, the one who speaks more? Or, the one who argues in favour of the subject? Perhaps none! There are many myths prevalent about group discussions, and only the one who has seen it all from the other side of the table can guide you the right way! The author, who has held senior positions in MNCs, is surely in the right position to offer you correct perspective and advice. In this well-researched book, he has put in the essence of his decades of corporate experience into a comprehensive and complete volume on the subject. Beginning from common myths about group discussions, the Do's and Don'ts of the test, he goes on to discuss at length about the pre-requisites for preparation such as: Knowledge of the subject. Importance of listening. Presentation. Initiation, body language, communication skills and co-operation. In addition, the book offers you comprehensive backgrounders on major relevant topics from generic Drugs to pension reforms, from criminalisation of politics to sex education. Above all you have 24 mock group discussions with detailed analysis and evaluation of speakers approach and capability offering an insight as to how to avoid the pitfalls and come out a winner.