Hypnotism For Beginners

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Hypnotism For Beginners

Hypnotism For Beginners

  • Thu Apr 25, 2013
  • Price : 96.00
  • Pustak Mahal
  • Language - English
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Hypnotism, although a debatable issue, remains an interesting art. Those who have an expertise in this field,claim to have the ability to exercise amazing control over mind and matter through it.We all fancy at times to create things at our will, or make others do things according to our wish.Mostly, however, it remains a wishful thinking. But with the knowledge and understanding of hypnotism you can really do it. Worldwide hypnotism has been accepted as a part of para-science, and scientists have done a lot of research to explain this phenomenon.Unfortunately it is still clouded in mystery as far as most people are concerned.Therefore, the author has presented in this book very selected material to familiarize the readers with the basics of this art.With easy-to-do exercises, the readers of this book can become amateur hypnotists, provided they follow the instructions honestly. the chapters on the history of hypnotism and development are intended to provide the reader a clear perspective of the field.