The Healing Touch Of Reiki

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The Healing Touch Of Reiki

The Healing Touch Of Reiki

  • Sat Apr 27, 2013
  • Price : 64.00
  • Pustak Mahal
  • Language - English
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Reiki today has been successful in making a place for itself among the accepted alternative therapies. This book offers you not only a complete guide for practicing and healing through Reiki, but also ensures knowledge about Chakras, Endocrine system, Auras etc., which are necessary for Reiki practice. In the book the author has tried to fully explain the definition, meaning, concept and advantages of Reiki. An attempt has also been made to demystify the hidden facts about auras and their connection to the physical body. Through regular practice you can heal yourself and others through mental affirmations i.e. positive attitude.