The Miracle Of Music Therapy

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The Miracle Of Music Therapy

The Miracle Of Music Therapy

  • Sat Apr 27, 2013
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  • Pustak Mahal
  • Language - English
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Music is all around us. It marks every event of our life, from birth, marriage and death to the phases in between. Man has long known that music has the ability to calm, cajole and rejuvenate. But it is only recently that science has begun to under stand study and document the effects of music in methodology, which leaves little room for doubt. It is now an established fact that music helps all living creatures- from plants to birds and animals and man- to grow and rejuvenate. Music permeates the cells of all living beings, alters mood swings, cell division, heals the ailing, induces sleep, creates wakefulness, and dances with the mood, the mind and the soul. While the rishis of ancient India and the Vedas first documented the effects of music on the human being and all life, it was left to the western world to fashion the more modern concepts of healing through music. There are now serious music therapy courses in the world’s best universities and remunerative openings abroad for music therapists. This book dwells heavily on the findings from ancient India and the masters of today who have made music therapy a viable healing alternative. It is the most comprehensive guide on the healing powers of sound & music.