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  • Thu Dec 08, 2016
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Faced with the conundrum of ever changing life, all of us yearn for a single formula which can solve the problem at hand. Recollecting the exact formula that would help in navigating the labyrinth of a problem is the perpetual problem. This really stares at us in the face when trying for competitive examinations and mostly in Mathematics where quantitative ability bodes importance. This book gives quick glance at commonly needed formulae for Arithmetic, Algebra, Boolean Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Vectors, Dynamics and Statistics. The book is not only designed for the students and job aspirants but it is also a quick reference and handy guide for the teachers. Salient Features: 15 Practical Tips to boost the performance level Concise, relevant definitions to clear basic concepts Useful axioms, theorems and their properties Attractive diagrammatic illustrations Easy mnemonics for conversion of units Appendix containing mathematical constants, log tables and trigonometric tables Usage of simple and lucid language