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Blustering BBC’s Bluff

BBC's credibility is not in question for the first time. Since its inception in 1927, the publicly funded broadcaster has faced criticism for bias. In 1942, while launching the Azad Hind Radio, Netaji Bose had termed

it the 'Bluff and Bluster Corporation'. BBC has been proving Netaji’s assessment right time and again. The recent controversy regarding the documentary resurrecting the ghost of 2002 communal violence in Gujarat is just another testimony of the same. For the last two decades, the Gujarat episode has been the plot to target Prime Minister Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Hindutva movement. Many people and organisations in Bharat have run a racket on the theme of Godhra and earned money out of it in the name of secularism and minority rights. They unsuccessfully fought the legal battle in the courts with open support from the Congress party and the Communist-Islamist cabal. Together they tried to tarnish Bharat’s image internationally for selfish political interests. Despite all these efforts, Prime Minister Modi came out clean in the legal and public courts.

ORGANISER, one of the oldest and most widely circulated weeklies from the capital, first hit the stands in 1947, a few weeks before Partition, Edited and enriched by eminent personalities like A.R. Nair, K.R. Malkani, L.K. Advani, V.P. Bhatia, Seshadri Chari, R.Balashanker and now Prafulla Ketkar (Email: to name but a few, ORGANISER has come to believe that resistance to tyranny is obeisance to God. 

REPEATED attempts to muffle its voice and the motivated opposition to it by some powers did not succeed.

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