Automotive Products Finder

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Automotive Products Finder

Automotive Products Finder

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Over the past three decades, manufacturing scene in the Indian automotive sector has transformed drastically with digital tools being used right from product development stage to final manufacturing. “Cover Story” of APF Nov 2019 showed how digital manufacturing is helping companies excel in not just product design engineering, but also in manufacturing.

Considering general automotive trend of light weighting and EVs, plastic and its engineered plastic usage is estimated to increase. “Special Feature” discusses the opportunities and way ahead for use of plastic in automotive industry.

The Indian automotive market is experiencing overall slowdown as the sales show a staunch drop compared to the last year. Passenger vehicles (PV) sales which went up same time last year have shown no mercy over Indian passenger car manufacturers. With Hyundai and Tata introducing their fully electric and hybrids respectively, electric vehicles (EVs) have also entered the arena of passenger vehicles. “EV Cover Story” takes a closer look on trends in PV segment and electrification of PVs.

Automotive Products Finder (APF) is an auto engineering magazine that looks into technology and components. Launched in 2005, the magazine is aimed at the engineers in the auto industry, and especially those who are in search of the latest developments in the field of automobiles and the industries related to it, may it be IT/Software, CAD/CAM, CAE, production systems/PLM/ERP, material handling, machine tools/special tools, assembly systems, specialized systems, garage equipment, service gadgets/diagnostics, accessories, etc. The readers include strategic sourcing teams, purchase engineers and those who are in a position to influence decisions and on a long-term.