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Automotive Products Finder

Automotive Products Finder

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Indian automotive industry is currently struggling through a tough time due to low demand while the rise in domestic raw material prices of steel has added fuel to the fire. Many from the industry believe that the upcoming deadline to comply with BS VI norms amid such time will worsen the situation. “Cover Story” of APF Oct 2019 discusses effects of slowdown in the auto industry on the metalworking. Considering the great potential of the two-wheeler (2W) and three-wheeler (3W) segment, the government is targeting 30 per cent electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads by 2030. Going by the current rate of 7-8 per cent CAGR growth in automobile sales, over 46,000,000 vehicles (2W, 3W and 4W) could be sold in 2030. This annual market size would present an opportunity for Indian companies to become leaders in EV technology on a global scale. “EV Cover Story” takes a close look at the evolving and thriving electric two- and three- wheelers segment and discusses its way ahead.

Interiors play an important role in vehicle design as it can help in reducing reduce stress and increase safety of the driver and co-occupants. Often, interior comfort plays an important factor in choosing a vehicle. “Special Feature” talks about how seamlessness integration between the traditional products and electronics inside the car is triggering changes in materials, design and functionality of the interior components.

Automotive Products Finder (APF) is an auto engineering magazine that looks into technology and components. Launched in 2005, the magazine is aimed at the engineers in the auto industry, and especially those who are in search of the latest developments in the field of automobiles and the industries related to it, may it be IT/Software, CAD/CAM, CAE, production systems/PLM/ERP, material handling, machine tools/special tools, assembly systems, specialized systems, garage equipment, service gadgets/diagnostics, accessories, etc. The readers include strategic sourcing teams, purchase engineers and those who are in a position to influence decisions and on a long-term.