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The State Of Love 2021 survey, Vogue India polled over 2,800 readers, from the age of 18 to over 45, to see how we view love today.

Only 21 per cent believed that a healthy relationship led to the altar (a majority didn’t consider marriage to be the end-all of a relationship). 

The progressive results show that dating and matchmaking are seeing an exciting shift. 

Over 64 per cent told us that they believed in living with a partner before committing to marriage.

What are the other findings? Explore inside.

A series of unfiltered love stories that are complex, considerate and heartwarming. 

Some of them may send you soaring into the stratosphere, but they are all built around real people who adapted and created their own narrative.

Haima Simoes and Shruti Venkatesh, the first same-sex couple to make it to our cover, talk to Neville Bhandara about the need for greater inclusion through a love story that is primed to inspire every generation.

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