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1. Vogue India's final issue of the year features Deepika Padukone's glowing visage on its cover decked in Cartier jewels. 
2. Prarthna Singh lenses India's rugby team at the Asian Games for the first time.
3. We have carved out a collaboration in the fashion section that celebrates collaborations between artists and designers: from Jill Sander's partnership with Kashmiri textiles to Oshadi to the graffiti artist Navinder Nangla. 
4. We travelled to a remote village in Rajasthan to get a ringside view into the lives, hopes, and dreams of the Kalbelia dancers, photographed by Avani Rai. 
5. Features on the LV and Gucci cruise shows. 

Vogue India brings you the best in global and Indian fashion, beauty and culture as well as interviews with trendsetters across the worlds of style, music and art as well as key figures within the fashion industry.