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Our cover girl, the feisty Taapsee Pannu, who has always spoken her mind.

Today, even with her hands full (she has three much-anticipated sports movies lined up), she is using her platform, which reaches over 4.6 million people solely on Twitter itself, to rally citizens to help.


Among our mood-boosting dispatches this issue is a feature on the celebrated dresser Manish Malhotra.


In ‘A new beginning’, three individuals share their wellness journeys through three distinct forms of solitude. The current time has brought with it profound changes in our mental make-up, and ‘Healing touch’ makes the case for healing through emotion-focused therapy.


As the on-going vaccination drive likely brings us some solace, we hope that you remain safe and healthy. We urge you to find ways to push, fight and not give up. And remember, we are in this together.

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