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Our cover star, the actor-producer and soon-to-be mum Anushka Sharma

What began as a conversation, ended up becoming the focus for this issue: For first-time mothers, this time has been so challenging that only steadfast optimism for the future could have guided them.

For some, motherhood is complex; for others, it’s an all-consuming role. In our Culture section, we capture these diverse experiences through those who go beyond the clichés of a tiger mum or earth mamma. In Fashion, we celebrate the style of the new mum, which no longer hides the bump but flaunts it.

In Beauty, we look at the complexities of perinatal anxiety during this mind-bending time of extreme physical and emotional change.

And in Living, we spotlight mums (and pops) who are creating a space that is gender-neutral, innovative and wholesome, across food and design, for the growing needs of a new generation.

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