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Highlights of Harper’s Bazaar India April-May2022, issue: 

The latest issue of Harper's Bazaar INDIA features the inspiring Anushka Sharma as its covergirl, who makes a strong case for authenticity, happiness, and expressing one's truth. In a special conversation, the actor reveals just why she has always prioritised her mental health and joy above everything else, and why, more so, it is important to her now. In addition, the young mother reveals the importance of supporting women in the workforce, especially working mothers, as well as her hopes for her own future and career...


This special summer issue is also a dedication to inner peace, as eight photographers share one image each that signifies happiness to them. Joie de vivre is also evident in the carefully-curated fashion styles throughout the magazine—the outfits, accessories, and bags that will lend a spark to your wardrobe and leave you in higher spirits. Turn to the Trend Report for the latest looks from Indian and international runways to take notes from, or take a leaf from the Fashion pages where powerful shoots transport you to distant lands and a vast array of styles.


As for Beauty, the 'mane' attraction is the power of gorgeous hair, and eight Bazaar India contributors share the secrets to their gorgeous hair...their favourite hair products and how their relationship with their hair has evolved over the years. The takeaway? You'll be better versed with the potions that will transform your tresses to their healthiest, ever.


There are lovely artworks to pore over, by artists Sakti Burman and Maite Delteil; Watches and Jewellery that need to be in your bijoux box; and a special feature on how to help other women rise in life and their professions... The greatest celebration of summer lies in the pages of this month's Harper's Bazaar INDIA.

Highlights of Harper’s Bazaar India April 2016, issue: The April issue of Harper's Bazaar India is dedicated this issue to journeys of all kinds. Take our cover stars, for instance. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor have both traversed afar in their careers, and in Ki & Ka, explore unconventional roles: She’s a career woman and he’s a house husband. Then there’s Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto, who has become an icon of punk style. She has designed a fashion line for big girls that’s already making waves. You’ll also meet author Polly Vernon, whose new book, Hot Feminist, is being talked about everywhere, and should be on your holiday reading list. In beauty, there are expert tips on how to look glowing and fresh straight off a plane, and the best makeup crayons you need to pack. In features, there are the books that have made the journey from being social media successes to legit literature. Then there is the next big food revolution that’s taking over the culinary world: Cooking with trash. We’ve also got the definitive guide to the world’s best hotels, and some of the most mouth-watering food trails you could follow (thank us later). In fashion, we celebrate the power of film with Cinema Cinema, a photo feature dedicated to iconic movies set in destinations like Venice and Egypt. Chanel’s pre-Fall 2016 show that took place at Rome’s iconic Cinecittà (founded in ‘37 by Mussolini, no less) in December last year showed us how inspirational a culture can be. We also travel to Thailand where summer’s hottest hue, orange, blends in beautifully with the country’s russet-robed monks and crumbling brick temples. In the end, a journey is more in the mind than on the road, and we invite you to take this one with us, page by page.