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Highlights of Harper’s Bazaar India April-May 2020, issue:



For the first time ever in its decade long legacy, Harper’s Bazaar India released its first ever digital issue celebrating the spirit of solidarity, resilience, kindness, fear, and hope.

These challenging times have changed the way we approach pillars of Harper’s Bazaar: Fashion and Beauty. They’ve inspired us to unleash our creativity and make the best of what we have. From The Mask Project—a representation of the Indian fashion fraternity’s response towards the cause of the hour to our #24HourswithArt series where twelve eclectic female artists come together—we focused on stripping away the artifice to reveal what really matters. Stories of solidarity and empowerment. Stories of Dalit icons and Indian trailblazers. Stories that make us re-evaluate our ideals of beauty. Stories that reveal what we all have in common and bring us all together. We help you pick a book and a fragrance for every mood and stand with you through those anxious nights.


Over the past decade, Bazaar has stood for the design philosophy of ‘Less is More’. And as we get accustomed to the new normal and decide what is essential, it makes more sense than ever before. As people draw a lens on themselves, we establish moments of collective reflection and document how we feel, how we dress, and how WE find hope. “The idea is to collaborate, communicate, reflect and hopefully renew as we come together,” says editor, Nonita Kalra.

Highlights of Harper’s Bazaar India April 2016, issue: The April issue of Harper's Bazaar India is dedicated this issue to journeys of all kinds. Take our cover stars, for instance. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor have both traversed afar in their careers, and in Ki & Ka, explore unconventional roles: She’s a career woman and he’s a house husband. Then there’s Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto, who has become an icon of punk style. She has designed a fashion line for big girls that’s already making waves. You’ll also meet author Polly Vernon, whose new book, Hot Feminist, is being talked about everywhere, and should be on your holiday reading list. In beauty, there are expert tips on how to look glowing and fresh straight off a plane, and the best makeup crayons you need to pack. In features, there are the books that have made the journey from being social media successes to legit literature. Then there is the next big food revolution that’s taking over the culinary world: Cooking with trash. We’ve also got the definitive guide to the world’s best hotels, and some of the most mouth-watering food trails you could follow (thank us later). In fashion, we celebrate the power of film with Cinema Cinema, a photo feature dedicated to iconic movies set in destinations like Venice and Egypt. Chanel’s pre-Fall 2016 show that took place at Rome’s iconic Cinecittà (founded in ‘37 by Mussolini, no less) in December last year showed us how inspirational a culture can be. We also travel to Thailand where summer’s hottest hue, orange, blends in beautifully with the country’s russet-robed monks and crumbling brick temples. In the end, a journey is more in the mind than on the road, and we invite you to take this one with us, page by page.