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  • The Sindhian - April-June 2023
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The new financial year has begun and I hope that all of you fared well in the last one. Many businesses have picked up, and even though inflation levels are high, money seems to be percolating in all spheres of the economy. Gold, as well as the US dollar have risen to their highest levels; gold has done better though. My suggestion - save some of your money today, so that it safeguards your tomorrow.

This quarter, we decided to dedicate the issue to the hospitality industry - making sure to shine a light and focus on stories of Sindhis connected to it. From hotel and nightclub owners, to restaurateurs, wedding and party caterers, product suppliers, cloud kitchens, ghost restaurants, chefs and confectioners - we have gathered an eclectic mix!

On the cover is F&B industry tycoon and founder of Foodlink, Sanjay Vazirani, a trailblazer who has taken the industry by storm. Headquartered in Mumbai with bases all around the world, Foodlink is the go-to company for everything from intimate weddings to governmental gatherings and beyond. At the heart of it all is Sanjay and his unwavering objective to become the biggest and the best in the global catering industry.

Without going into too much detail, I have to preface the issue with this - there are truly some highly energetic, passionate and enterprising Sindhis in this sphere of life and we seem to have only touched the tip of the iceberg, so to say. I hope that we will bring more to you in future issues.

With summer holidays around the corner, and the temperatures reaching new highs, I wish you all a pleasant summer. Take some time off, stay cool, stay hydrated, and most of all, stay happy!

The very first of its kind, this plush quarterly is dedicated to chronicling the ethos, enterprise, and aplomb of the Sindhi community. A Magazine that brings you Insights into Sindhi History, its Culture and its People. A Magazine that takes you places and showcases Sindhis from all over the world. A Magazine that informs and connects Sindhis globally. Published 4 times a year.