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Dear Readers,

While the pandemic had shaken us in every way possible, the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput raised many eyebrows on the functioning of the entertainment industry. I have been working with close-knit with this industry and I feel talent is supreme, period! While this case has taken many shapes and forms in the last 60 days, all we can pray is, justice prevails. Sushant’s journey as a television artist and then as a young face of Hindi cinema was surely an inspiration to many and I guess that is the first thing he will be remembered for, in the coming time. The reason I decided to put in these words is that while scrolling on social media, all I can see is hashtags trending for the justice of his demise and I thought to tell you, that it is important for all of us to be united for a change and it’s not far. Any change can happen, only if we are ready for it. Just like Shivin Narang’s willingness to overcome his fear and even Darshan Rawal’s willpower to make it big in the music industry. This issue talks about those who wished to bring in the change at their level and have surely succeeded with sheer hard work. If you are also the one, will surely love and if you are looking for motivation, then flip through to attain it. There is a lot more for you that celebrates the flavors of India in terms of travel, art, and food.

Happy Reading!

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