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Dear Readers,

I am happy and content and the credit goes to all of you who have made me and my team live with 50 successful issues of TMM. Yes, this month we are completing 50 issues and to mark this achievement we decided to initiate something that helps recognize the people who are making it big in all walks of life. With Circle of Excellence Awards (COEA) we are taking another step of success and fulfilment and this time again we will need your support and love. When we started the journey of TMM it was more of a passion and with time and your interest, it became a necessity of life. From the success story of people to trends, over the years we have tried to bring you the best and at the same time, your involvement on social media platforms has given us a boost to push the envelope. The most interesting part of this journey for me had been meeting the deadlines and I have seen my team running all around to bring the best on time. I think we all have grown with this and this milestone has given us a boost to work harder. From designing, content creation to marketing, every pillar of TMM is precious to me, as they are the ones who strive 24*7 and I must say their hard work reflects in the 1st week of every month. 
I cannot think of a moment without TMM and this makes me nostalgic of all the hardships that went into establishing TMM as a successful brand in the competitive market. We promise to entertain, inform and educate in the coming years as well and wish for your love and support forever!

Happy Reading!

THNKMKT MAGAZINE, is a Print Magazine with its presence in India. The Magazine aims at Brands, Consumers and Experiences where in we focus on the relationship between brands and consumers. Our Target Audiences are Brand lovers , Niche Audiences , Decision makers. And our Quality of Magazine Drags more of Quality Lovers.