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The monsoons did sweep geographies, streets and commemoratives with incessant rains across various parts of the country. While India celebrated being independent for 70th year, we found ourselves strangled in the old times with bollywood melodies that were created forever. We were hung-over with damp aroma of the wet sand, set atop on the window sill where we sat on a rocking chair with mug of piping hot tea and Kishore da playing in the background. 


The August edition of TMM gets a melodic-high as Alka Yagnik, the 'Queen of Romance' gets candid with us to talk about her getting into the industry and sing more than 5000 songs to her name. Read on about the celebrated faces of the small screen share their monsoon memories. Learn more about the new eloquent dining and party-properties in and around Delhi.


Pick your TMM copy, settle yourself on a drizzling breezy evening and turn it to near perfect. Don't forget to play a melody just to set the appropriate mood to bring back the good times!  

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