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Dear Readers,

The biggest form of love is ‘self-love’. Period! If you are wondering I am spiritually high, you are going wrong. I am very much grounded and have learnt this reality of life with time and I guess somewhere we all know this reality. It’s just we get carried away with the glamour and thought of loving others. Love is a natural phenomenon that can happen anytime, any day and anywhere. So, the idea of celebrating it for 7 days in a year sounds bizarre to me. I think it’s a trend we all fall prey to every now and then. This season, we are trying to understand the deeper meaning of love with our stories and ideas that celebrate love in a bigger way. From cover to inside stories, we are celebrating the power of self-love and strength that it gives to an individual. If you also want to feel that self love, flip the pages and read the magic of emotions that the places and people offer. Art as the purest form of love has made way to our heart through Samik De and India Art Fair and I guess that is something which is truly selfless and exquisite. So, what are you waiting for? Get soaked in the power of love and celebrate the month of love with our cover man Yuvraj Singh, who is also an epitome of courage and love!

Happy Reading!

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