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The sky appeared in a playful mood with clouds playing hide and seek.The monsoons finally

hit the shores of southern India. The cool breeze has relieved Northern parts of the country

from blazing sun. A little drizzle only added to the fervour of lively surroundings. Standing

atop a skyscraper in capital city of delhi, the city looked much different on a gloomy evening

like these. Before we began to raise our brows on trending fashion this monsoon, a glimpse of

the Cannes Look-book gave us all a fair idea about the year it would be. Our road to fashion

was gracefully showcased by our desi-diva trio on the red-carpet of Cannes 2017. Their

monumental scores on the global trend-chart confirmed their names on connoisseurs’ list of

favorite stars at the event.

The June issue of 2017 encapsulates the fashion game of women, for women, by women.

Turn further to have an insight of the sixteenth edition of Ramola Bacchan’s Runway rising.

Read our editors’ pick on young fashion gurus to look for at the show scheduled for release

in first week of July. Find out how the launch of Kadva Jamdani sarees by Vineet Sarees

would help revive the age old legacy of Varanasi’ organic textile. These raw-fabric sarees are

said to be one of the most expensive forms of Benarasi sarees in India. Interestingly, in one of

our segments of this issue we have tried to de-code the manner in which both genders have

successfully worked in synchronization to bring out the best in each other. Don’t miss out

Lopamudra Raut’s journey from being the girl-next door to a celebrated face of Indian

Television in our exclusive cover story.

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