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BBC Knowledge India

BBC Knowledge India

  • BBC Knowledge Magazine April 2014
  • Price : 100.00
  • WWM
  • Issues 26
  • Language - English
  • Published bimonthly
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It is only a matter of time before human make a headway reaching Mars. Our cover story Preparing for Mars, looks into the Martian way of life adopted by researchers and astronauts in the far unexplored corners of Earth as they work, sleep, eat, and experience the Martian living conditions to conquer the red planet. Talking about space travel, we also list the bizarre concepts and inventions that NASA is experimenting with to improve space traveling in the future – NASA’s Craziest Idea. Speaking of scientists, we have an interview with Jocelyn Bell-Burnell – the woman who discovered radio pulsar thereby opening up a whole new subfield of astrophysics. Also, a dubious honour list of scientists Killed By Their Own Inventions graces our magazine in this issue. Apart from our regulars of Gadgets (we go green and present a definite list of eco-friendly gadgets) and Inside The Pages (Great Speeches of Modern India – where we present an excerpt of Indira Gandhi’s speech proclaiming Emergency in India and her reasons behind it), from this issue onwards, we travel back in time to give you a perspective of what it would be to be a tourist in Madrid, Spain in 1621 in our Ye Olde Travel Guide. Happy reading!

BBC Knowledge India is a perfect magazine which empowers the Younger Generation of India. The articles are composed by world renowned academics, and experts. The content and articles stimulate the mind, encourage more inquisitive thinking amongst the younger generation.