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  • How We'll Build A Real Jurassic World August 2015)
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I am just going to say it outright. I love dinosaurs, but I am not sure if I want to see them come back to life. I am the thrill loving kinds; I really am, but I am also a supporter of ethical science practices and research. So give me a good discussion and an argument first. I am sure most would agree that nature’s selection and evolution process is way more wise and intensive than the genius of man. And the decision to bring back that, which has become extinct, or to create life artificially, should not be an easy one to make. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should; these oft-said words (also a line in the just-released Jurassic World) symbolise a philosophical and an ethical dilemma. And like all such dilemmas, this too does not have a clear-cut answer. As ethics go, absolute rights or wrongs are confirmed only when mass behaviour patterns get accepted as social norm. Centuries ago, certain crimes were not considered as sin as they are considered now. Dolly the sheep; the world’s first cloned mammal (1996), caused a huge social uproar. It was outrageous, wrong and unnatural, they said. Twenty years down the line, cloning still remains a highly contentious and controversial issue but research has already made huge strides in the field of genetic sciences. Genetically modified foods in some form or the other are consumed all over the world. There is still data and sentiment that opposes GM products but there is more acceptances now than there was before. My point is, this is social behaviour and social mandate, with its tugs and pushes. And slowly as time passes, societies and communities give a verdict whether they accept something or not. Maybe one day, soon in the near future, genetically modifying DNA to create a newer specimen won’t remain as big an ethical dilemma. Which brings us to dinosaurs. Did you see the movie? The only big question I came back with after seeing it, was why did they not have a contingency plan. Don’t you think?  But seriously, we would love to hear your thoughts on ‘Just because we can, does it mean we should’? Write to us at Happy reading this month’s edition.

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