A God Story And A Love Story

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A God Story And A Love Story

A God Story And A Love Story

  • Fri Jul 29, 2016
  • Price : 170.00
  • Powerpublishers
  • Language - English
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With a realistic love story and a fantasized God story, the novel accommodates friendship, romance and philosophies. Hikkira Booni – He eyed upon his father’s million dollars trust,he was caught. He felt annoyed. He attracted the ‘filthy rich dreaming’ intellectuals. He set out a religion – Booni. He owned the trust. What happened next? Vamshi- In their early twenties, Nishita and Vamshi were in love. He was asked by Nitisha’s father to prove his capability to earn. He entered the corporate life and was bluffed. He approached his filthy rich care taker, Udhay, who was a big cheese Booni. Udhay persuaded Vamshi to give up his religion and join him. What happened next? With love as a hub,this book is an attempt to discourage the ridiculous caste feelings between people,to foresee how the religions look if competition over superiority is the only agenda and to spark the thin line between business promotion and faith propagation. This is a dialogue dominated novel as it presents the viewpoints, arguments and counselling and of course the romantic conversations.