Code and Run

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Code and Run

Code and Run

  • An anthology of Algorithms in java
  • Price : 180.00
  • Powerpublishers
  • Language - English
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Some of the problems are common e.g. permutation of elements which generally done in recursive way in most all the books, but here it is done in non recursive way, the Sudoku program will continuously create a new problem of Sudoku and solve the problem each time. Giftshare program able to distribute gifts among two brothers with minimum difference of price. But I worked very hard with the program realm which can play a chess game with human being, Although it is not a very strong chess player but it can play chess at elementary level, and not very hard to understand hope it will inspire budding chess programmers in future. All the programs I have written, is written in Bluej editor because it is a student friendly editor and very easy to write and run the programs, and all the programs are running smoothly in my system. At the end I want quote a biblical verse and thank almighty. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.”