How to Win Your Man . . . and KEEP HIM

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How to Win Your Man . . . and KEEP HIM

How to Win Your Man . . . and KEEP HIM

  • Thu Sep 22, 2016
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  • Powerpublishers
  • Language - English
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There's a wealth of experience in this book combined with cavalcade of sensible and grounded advice, mixed with a dose of Geri's cheeky sense of humor that speak to all women, of all ages, backgrounds and marital statuses. Geri recognizes there is infinite diversity in this world but that love is universal. While her personal techniques and experiences will suit some they won't suit everyone because we are all beautiful individuals with different needs, aspirations and abilities. In recognizing this she not only openly and frankly shares her own insights but observations of an insight into others leaving no stone unturned as she takes you on a journey to triumph in the ultimate - conquering true love."A must have book for every women on the earth!"-Geri Hemer, Author of How to WIn Your Man and Keep Him.