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  • Mon Aug 08, 2016
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“I am THAT change” is what I have named this book and is what I expect from each one of us before we urge anyone else to bring the CHANGE.We have spent n number of years of our life either in criticising whatever wrong is happening around us or just in waiting for things to turn well with time. We all have been surrounded by the word “Change” in one way or the other. If we see a girl roaming around late night with her friends, we want her to shut the doors of her life to stay safe even if something else needs to be CHANGED; I we see two people fighting for a minor issue, we declare that as a communal war with a mere thought; If we see our young friend, son or brother going on the wrong path, we only blame that BAD company he might have fallen into; If we see a traffic cop taking some money as bribe, the only one on whom our figure of blame goes is that cop only even if there’s someone else who needs to be CHANGED as well.Apart from Prologue and Epilogue, this book has 8 chapters – While 4 of those chapters describes the4 common issues in India viz. Women Harassment, Religion Violence, Youth in Dark and Corruption and their current situation, the remaining 4 chapters are just an attempt to see a vision of CHANGE in these issues only just with a CHANGE in ideology of non-other than the person standing in front of mirror. Yes, these are the four issues that have been raised in this book to make you realise what should have been done many years back and to let you define the real meaning of CHANGE. In just a matter of time, you will realise how worst the situation has gone in India and how exactly the CHANGE can happen. Once you finish reading this book, you will realise that it’s not just the SYSTEM that needs to be CHANGED, but only the person standing in front of the mirror who can only bring in the CHANGE that we have always been admiring to happen for so many years.