Living a myth or two

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Living a myth or two

Living a myth or two

  • Fri Jul 07, 2017
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  • Language - English
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Anyway, perhaps that is what I need to do; the only way to retain my sanity seems to be to follow in P.G. Wodehouse’s footsteps. With Usha gone away for good, and Kabeer, Meera and Ami busy in their own world, I find time suddenly hanging heavy on my hands. I do appreciate the fact that I had a very good life with Usha — although, now when I look back on it, it seems to have been equally short, so short as to have gone by in a split-second;… I also have to write in search of the solace and peace that Usha had spoken about even though that seems to be but a chimera at this moment. I just have to write… for as long as I possibly can.”