Story Of A Lone Lady Traveler In India
Story Of A Lone Lady Traveler In India

Story Of A Lone Lady Traveler In India

  • Wed Apr 14, 2021
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  • Language - English
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Being immensely inspired by the range of natural beauty and varities of human culture and behavior and also by the picture of perfection or paucity of infrastructure of different places mostly of india – myself a middle aged lady , throughout different parts of a busy professional and Indian family life time , not accompanied by somebody , again for same professional reason and also due to the fact that family and feiends may not have the similar drive – went on inventing various travel plans which are both short and safest possible for a vast and diverse country like india . The life , specially of the female population of my country was of special interest to me . My experiences about cooperation and help of common middleclass people of India are overwhelming and these are the real spices of my life which I have attemped to share with others through my book . My another challenge was to see my book in English language , as upto high school standard my teaching was only in my mother language ,Bengali – being acquainted with better English , only during my professional training .