The Stranger in My Eyes

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The Stranger in My Eyes

The Stranger in My Eyes

  • Tue Jul 24, 2018
  • Price : 106.00
  • Powerpublishers
  • Language - English
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Mia was seven when she lost her eyes owing to an accident. Her world shrunk into a stale lifelessness as the accident took away her parents too. Years passed, Mia stepped into her womanhood, the dark world around spinning her into a deeper hellhole of loneliness, when she finally came across Jay, who finally let her feel and understand the world is not so horrific as it always seemed. A perfect husband, a perfect friend and a perfect lover, it was Jay who insisted her to get her corneas transplanted and get back what all she lost. And this was when they landed into a fiery mayhem of hate, disbelief and fear. Opening her eyes Mia realized it was not the same voice whom she had known, loved and knew as her husband. There is a stranger whom she is leaving with, who calls himself as Jay. Split amidst her past and present, Mia kept on probing into the question which shook her very existence. If it’s not my husband, then who is it that am I staying with? And then who was it whom I always knew as my husband? Or was it all effects of her overthinking? Was it all but ill-effects of a demonic past which still lingers in a scourged and dark subconscious, rippling and dirtying her present? A frightened, confused and tired Mia rushed down to Vivek Gupta, a pschychologist-turned-private investigator, who soon finds out the palimpsest of realities that always had engulfed her, much to her oblivion. And a dark secret that larks around Mia, that forlonely plays with the lives of so many people around…