Global Terrorism
Global Terrorism

Global Terrorism

  • World's Most Terrorist Organisations
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Terrorism is the sudden and violent. Groups of men, mostly from Middle Eastern countries, gather together and train to attack innocent people around the world. Their only reason for attack is to make others pay for not being like them and believing in the same things that they do. Terrorists use weapons that they purchase, are given by governments that support them, or take from their enemies. Over the past centuries terrorists have committed many attacks on the world. Some of their attacks are to hijack and kill hostages on ships and airplanes, use airplanes as bombs, and to use car bombs to blow up large buildings. At all times the goal of terrorists is to kill as many people as they can at one time. Terrorists have organized themselves and placed terrorist groups all over the world. The many different terrorist groups have begun to work together with the goal of defeating and taking over any non-Islamic government. There are seven countries that do sponsor terrorism by allowing terrorist groups to live, train, and find ways to make money inside their borders. These same countries have some laws that allow for terrorist attacks on other countries, and have a way to protect terrorists if they want to live with them. Terrorism has become so violent and happens so often, that a list of most wanted terrorists has been made by the FBI. The non-terrorist countries of the world are using this list to help them find and arrest terrorists.