Naked Journalism
Naked Journalism

Naked Journalism

  • Thu Aug 30, 2012
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Corruption in media is not new. But this has now become institutionalized. It started with Page 3 and parties, to private treaties and now at the next level it has gone to the political sphere with candidates paying newspapers and TV channels to put out news. It is a fraud that operates at three levels— the reader doesn’t know that what he is reading is paid for, the person paying is hiding this expense from the Election Commission, and the cash the media company is receiving is not disclosed in its balance sheet. Journalists around the world often write about the governments in their nations, and those governments have widely varying policies and practices towards journalists, which control what they can research and write, and what press organizations can publish. Many governments guarantee the freedom of the press. Naked journalism is a part of news propaganda. News propaganda is covert propaganda packaged as credible news without transparency as to source and motivation. The lack of transparency is critical to distinguishing news propaganda from traditional press releases and video news releases.