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Automotive Products Finder

Automotive Products Finder

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Though India accounts for just 2 per cent of automotives globally, it is responsible for more than 11 per cent of road traffic deaths. As a signatory to the 2015 Brasilia declaration, India has

committed to reduce the number of road accidents and deaths to half by 2020. APF Jan 2020 “Cover Story” explores if the industry is in the right direction to achieve this goal. In 2019, a

total of 1,309 units of electric cars were sold in the first eight months from April to November of FY 2020, falling microscopic in front of 18.8 lakh passenger vehicles sold. "EV Cover Story" of

APF finds out that EVs can only be a success if efforts on the policy and manufacturing fronts go hand-in-hand. The automotive battery market in India has witnessed significant growth in the

recent years till 2018. "Special Feature" takes a look at the factors contributing to the demand for automotive batteries.

Automotive Products Finder (APF) is an auto engineering magazine that looks into technology and components. Launched in 2005, the magazine is aimed at the engineers in the auto industry, and especially those who are in search of the latest developments in the field of automobiles and the industries related to it, may it be IT/Software, CAD/CAM, CAE, production systems/PLM/ERP, material handling, machine tools/special tools, assembly systems, specialized systems, garage equipment, service gadgets/diagnostics, accessories, etc. The readers include strategic sourcing teams, purchase engineers and those who are in a position to influence decisions and on a long-term.