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This issue, dedicated to mango season, has been long in the planning but was always based on the idea of something that felt like a national treasure and a time of the year that has more charm than even truffle season in Italy.


The Mango issue is simply an evolution of the red Issue and the Blue Issue. An entire edition with more India, more poetry and, right now, small comfort.


Discover Pondicherry: A town down south is adored for its Franco-Tamil architectural heritage and a vibrant streetscape in a special Pondicherry Yellow. Photographer Sunhil Sippy sends AD postcards from the French quarter.


The Tree House in Goa’s Assagao is the holiday-home-turned-sanctuary of portrait photographer Rohit Chawla and his wife, Saloni Puri.


Chef, restaurateur and Insta-star Eeshaan Kashyap whips up a refreshing Alphonso salad for the intense summer months ahead.

Architectural Digest is a publication for the architecture community. The first international edition of the magazine was launched in Italy in 1981. With AD India, the magazine now exists in nine countries, showcasing some of the most exquisite homes in the world.