main hu kisan_2018
main hu kisan_2018

main hu kisan_2018

  • Maihukisan_april 2018
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For improvement of farmers condition the government started revolution as green revolution, white, blue, and yellow revolution. There is need of increasing white revolution again. Need of more application in dairy industries like Indian breed cow or less use of chemicals etc. demand is more and supply is less that’s why farmer used wrong path of synthetic milk processing which is more harmful than shortage of supply.

Highlights are

·         Why we need white revolution again

·         Cow dung wood new source of income

·         Deforestation has a harmful effect on environment  

·         Go for organic food

·         Tulsi, neem, lemon grass, Ashwagandha: medicinal properties

·         Eco friendly planting pots

·         Tradition of roof top Organic farming is in demand

Main hu kisan patrika presents all vital and valuable knowledge regarding agriculture and rural development. This patrika is devoted to current affairs in the field of agriculture. This patrika has latest update regarding news in agriculture.  How the farmers develop self confidence and their business ideas

Patrika published those data which is helpful for Indian farmer thinking and give them direction.

Further the patrika is available in hard copy or in bunches of year packing