main hu kisan_2018
main hu kisan_2018

main hu kisan_2018

  • Maihukisan_October 2018
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The damage of agriculture land it’s the reason behind suicide case of farmers. Due to more expense and less income the farmer becomes more and more poor. The government should have taken stronger step towards this direction. Our country is agriculture based and the heartbroken condition of farmers is break the backbone of country. There is need of more schemes which can improve the farmer economic condition.


·         How to start business of organic food store

·         Organic food keeps you healthy

·         The labeling of organic products is compulsory

·         Training of organic cultivation

·         Organic manure utilization

·         Mains organic store in india

·         Which fruit/ vegetable will helpful in which disease

·         What is organic culture and companies

Main hu kisan patrika presents all vital and valuable knowledge regarding agriculture and rural development. This patrika is devoted to current affairs in the field of agriculture. This patrika has latest update regarding news in agriculture.  How the farmers develop self confidence and their business ideas

Patrika published those data which is helpful for Indian farmer thinking and give them direction.

Further the patrika is available in hard copy or in bunches of year packing