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As the year closes, a devastating and disturbing year to say the least, we visit a key fundamental concept of our existence - TIME - a concept that probably was most challenged in the periods of lockdowns that followed the Covid-19 pandemic. Time as season, Time as travel, Time as four walls of a home (if you have one), Time as city, the one you denied the most, Time as migration and death, Time as hunger and walking on hot roads back home, Time as citizenship, Time as sowing and reaping the land, Time as taxes and elections, Time as speed, Time as quarantine, Time as incubation, Time as loss, Time as hope, Time as screen, Time as words on a page...


The special section in the last month of 2020 is a humble memory of Time and the year, through various artistic and architectural persuasions we have always had with Time - measured, poetic, drawn, cast, rendered, ego, memory, review, and learning. The poems that follow the editorial in this issue are part of this section - we begin with Ghalib, and we close this issue with Barahmasa... and in between somewhere there are lines, forms, materials, and colours, and what you saw, and what you may have forgotten or never realised, and the written word.


A photoessay on Time brings together a series of contemporary architectural projects interpreting Time in different ways, while a photo-project by Chirodeep Chaudhury visits how clocks in buildings have shaped a sense of urbanity, technology, and memory. This issue we also visit the lifetime retrospective of artist Sudhir Patwardhan and his engagements with cities, citizenships, and the lives of individuals in a changing society and national-time.



Domus, the iconic architecture and design magazine from Italy, is now in India. The eight-decade-old monthly magazine has a history of informed debate on architecture, interiors, art and design. The Indian edition, the first Domus exclusively in the English language, seeks to encourage and promote innovation in the built environment. Domus has been brought to India by Spenta Multimedia, India's largest custom publisher. It aims to track and review the latest architectural and artistic movements in India and the world through its exciting content and rich visuals.