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Marwar India

Marwar India

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In this issue, we have gone beyond our usual focus on entrepreneurs and industrialists for both our cover story and issue contents. Marriage is a serious business for the Marwari community. Long-drawn, elaborate and extravagant, the event veritably takes on epic proportions, and the logistics and the groundwork involved are monumental. We have featured Sima Taparia on our cover this issue, who has brought Marwari matchmaking into the limelight through her docuseries Indian Matchmaking, which was aired on Netflix India earlier this year. 


As a mercantile community, Marwaris may have earned widespread renown, but there are those whose capabilities in other fields go beyond many an accomplished businessman. We bring you the story of avowed weatherman Dr Laxman Singh Rathore, who has held numerous prestigious posts at both the national and international levels, especially the United Nations, and continues to serve several ministries to this day. Be it weather forecasting, or devising modern forecast methods, or dedicatedly serving the nation and mankind as an eminent agrometeorologist and scientist, Dr Rathore’s contributions are truly remarkable.


Dr Kriti Bharti’s story is no less impressive, who as founder and managing trustee of Jodhpur-based Saarthi Trust has taken the lead in annulling child marriages and has rehabilitated thousands of women and children in Rajasthan. Read about the intrepid child rights activist, rehabilitation psychologist, researcher, and philanthropist, whose ability to transform personal pain, injury, and oppression into positive action is admirable and touching.

Marwar is a community-based magazine with an emphasis on profiling the best and the brightest in the Marwari community. The magazine reaches the elite in India and abroad who want to read and discover the wonders of all things connected with the community. Thus, the subjects featured have to have the flavour of Marwar and Rajasthan—its culture, lifestyle and traditions. We highlight arts, crafts, music, dance and theatre as well as fashion and food that are connected to the region apart from immensely successful businessmen and businesswomen. In the past, luminaries like Laxmi Mittal, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Indu Jain, Sanjiv Goenka and Rajashree Birla, to name a few, have graced our cover.